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With our experience and creativity, we guide you to your personal best performance and achieve your individual goals together.
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We are a dynamic and innovative team offering its expertise to our customers through multiple years of experience in the IT sector. Hereby, the main focus is the satisfaction of our customers. Quality, transparency and fairness are important to us and are the basis and essential precondition for your satisfaction as well as long-term and a cooperative partnership with you.

We currently serve customers of various company sizes, especially in the telecommunications and wholesale sectors. Moreover, we offer ETL solutions in the finance and business sector.

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Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig!

Als Softwareagentur ist ist es unsere Aufgabe unseren Kunden eine bestmögliche Softwarelösung zu entwickeln. Ihre Zufriedenheit ist uns sehr wichtig, deshalb freuen wir uns über Ihre Meinung und Bewertung.


What we offer at a glance

We have specialized with professional knowledge in software development, livestream and broadcast and thereby help our customers to find individual solutions.
Broadcasting und Livestreaming-Lösungen


We offer you a live streaming solution for your event that is scalable to your needs. Withal, we take into account your requirements regarding quality and the number of people you want to reach.

Individuelle Softwareentwicklung


We offer you the development of your own software solutions. These range from smaller utility programs to larger software projects. Furthermore, the extension of your existing software solution is possible under certain circumstances.

Our Products

KNX & SmartHome

Smart Home Building Blocks for Your Intelligent Home

You regularly leave the house and on the way you think whether you have also switched off all devices?

Would you like more comfort in everyday life so that you can enjoy your time at home?

You answer these questions with “yes”? Then you should read on now. The concept of “smart home” could be a solution for you.

Smart home products not only give you more security by intelligently networking with each other in and around the house, but also help you save energy. It takes everyday decisions away from you, giving you more room to live. Turn up the heating quickly when you’re out and about to be greeted by a warm home; open the shutters at home when you’re at work and ventilate after forgetting to do so in the general morning rush. Receiving the shopping list via voice assistant and no annoying, time-consuming search for favorite music or movie. All these situations are prospects for your smart home future. But there is much more possible. When planning your smart home, there are virtually no limits. Translated with (free version)

Red Horizon

Professional Live Streaming Solutions & Services

Red Horizon’s full-service streaming cloud offers sustainable, flexible and scalable streaming solutions which can be operated with minimal effort. With Red Horizon you get everything from a single source!

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Picarto creative live streaming service


Creative Live Streaming

As the operator of the world’s largest live streaming platform for creative minds are pleased to present to you.

Adapted to the needs of our target group, we offer specially developed functions to provide an easy entry into the world of live streaming.

Due to years of experience in the field of live streaming you can also benefit from our know-how.

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